Here are some great videos showing the amazing potential of the unconscious mind…

The first few are Derren Brown, a master showman who uses NLP to achieve amazing results.

The others convey interesting facts about our world that many people may not have previously considered.

The last few show the effects of sound on matter. You can imagine your cells receiving something similar during your session…

Your unconscious is programmed to influence your behavior in amazing ways.

How desires are anchored in. A reporter comes to debunk Derren and it doesn’t quite go that way…

Are your thoughts being manipulated…”If everything seems normal, then the mind control device must be working properly…”

Paying with paper – Suggestions are extremely powerful when coupled with an action.

The Nature of luck and how we create the world we believe we live in. Watch this!

The power of vulnerability.

Thrive the Movie… explains many concepts of our world

cymatics – sound vibrations resonate particles to form patterns

See an image of the effects of the sounds on cells.

mozart cymatic

432 Hz