Schedule A Session

Please book your session online now.  You’ll receive an email confirming your session.  Please schedule your session at least 24 hours  advance.  Last minute requests may or may not receive a reply.

The experience goes something like this:

The first session is typically a little over 2 hours since we talk more the first time to determine exactly what you want to create.

Then you’ll lay on the table surrounded by singing bowls placed in sacred geometry on and around you.

Vogel crystals are adjusted on arms over the table.  An assortment of various crystals are programmed to address your specific condition and placed in the bowls on and around you.

An eye pillow is placed over your eyes and the room is darkened.  Aromatherapy may be used intermittently.

Tibetan and crystal bowls are played using sacred geometry whist guiding you on a journey within your self to connect with source, align with the solution to specific obstacles and to create your desired outcome.

Lights flash behind the crystals in a variety of patterns and rates depending upon the nature of the session. (Your eyes are covered and you will not see any flashing, although you will feel the effects).

You can choose to share your experience while resting afterwards.