What I do

Life Attunement…
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The ultimate intention is to allow the alignment and complete expression of your soul in every aspect of your being.

I provide services to assist in relaxation and the integration of the conscious mind with the unconscious mind and higher self, using a variety of modalities including sounds, smells, words, visualizations, crystals, light, and music.

I can help guide you to release all negative emotions from your entire lifetime, integrate every parts of your self, and create belief systems, behaviors, and states of being that are congruent with your life purpose.

Most people report a sense of lasting deep inner peace.  It’s not uncommon for others to comment that they look 10 years younger after their session.
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What can it be used for???

    • Releasing unconscious fears and anxiety.
    • Alignment with the divine flow of life.
    • Improve intuition & other innate capabilities.
    • Heal old wounds.
    • Overcome tinnitus, insomnia, allergies, and phobias
    • Develop a new body image
    • Letting go of/releasing things that don’t work in your life
    • Creating a vision of the life you want
    • Creating a new life authorship
    • Overcome obstacles making changes, moving out of stuck places
    • Job, living circumstances, lifestyle
    • Relationships
  • New Behavior Patterns such as:

quit smoking,
loose weight,
change diet,
healthy habits,
nail biting,
stop drinking,
public speaking