About Me

John St. Claire is certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Empowerment.  He has 3 degrees in music and has studied at the Tibetan Bowl School of Sound Healing.  He’s received additional personal training with Marcel Vogel (inventor of the liquid crystal display, magnetic disc storage, and the Vogel cut quartz crystal) and Leah Harper, a Native American Medicine Woman (featured in a Discovery Channel special).

John has a private healing practice in Cardiff by the Sea with Tibetan bowls; crystal bowls; gongs; bells, and a John of God crystal healing table. 

He helps clients to create significant changes in their lives:

Physically – from quitting smoking and eliminating allergies, pain, insomnia, and tinnitus,

Mentally – overcome anxiety and depression, eliminate negative self talk, improved public speaking, better focus, timeliness,

Spiritually – finding a life partner and creating deep inner peace and an increased connection with divine energy.

The primary intention of his practice is to allow the alignment and complete expression of your soul in every aspect of your being.


Visit here if you would like to learn more about John and his passion for music, watch some of his music videos, buy his latest CD, music book, t-shirts and see a calendar for Cardiff House Concerts and buy tickets, Schedule performances; or individual instrumental instruction.