Life Purpose Revealed

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John St. Claire is the most advanced thinking healer I’ve ever met.  Last week I had my first one on one session with John. The previous month, I had several powerful spiritual experiences.  I didn’t know how to integrate these profound events into my everyday life.  Through carefully chosen questions, John was able to bring clarification to these recent events.  He taught me how to activate the antennae of my pineal gland to receive spiritual messaging.   After an hour interview, where I felt my spiritual nature was so clearly understood, we moved to the crystal bed where John performed a...

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Breath of fresh air.

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John St. Claire is a profoundly talented energy worker and it is not hyperbole for me to describe him as a “miracle worker.”  After two sessions with him, multiple allergies and sensitivities that I had experienced for ten years were reduced by eighty to ninety percent.  I used to be so allergic to perfume that I couldn’t even walk in a cosmetic store.  A week after the sessions I was able to try on perfume in Sephora without any discomfort. This is not something I can even imagine doing before.  I used to be very reactive to cigarette smoke.  I was recently forced to use the internet in a...

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“Real Deal”

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John St Claire is the “real deal’ when it comes to being a gifted healer. I have worked with him on several occasions and most recently had a session with him on the Crystal Table along with Sound Healing. I have worked with a lot of healers and many different modalities and this experience was profound. The Tibetan bowls along with this HUGE gong just penetrated into my chakras in such a deep way and the crystal table brought so much energy and healing into my whole being. John is very present to your needs and desires and sets the intention for those throughout the session. Thanks you so...

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I have found silence…

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I first saw John because of a few physical issues I have been experiencing. Recently, I acquired a lower back injury which has caused various muscles in my back to uncontrollably spasm. It had been very difficult for me to achieve a relaxation due to these spasms. In addition, I have Adult ADHD. Between the back spasms, and the difficulty relaxing I had found myself in a continuous cycle of discomfort. I attended a session with John in January 2013. We spent a little time discussing my back issues, some personal issues and how I see and feel myself in the world. Following our discussion,...

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